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I used to love reading, and want to re-find that joy. I read books from NetGalley, and will be putting my reviews of the ARCs here, as well as other books I read.

Spinning Out

Spinning Out (The Blackhawk Boys) - Lexi Ryan

I was a little nervous going in about how much football would be in this book, but luckily football takes a back seat here to the romance. At first, I sped through this book and couldn't put it down, drawn in by the characters and their lives. However, by the end I wasn't putting the book down because it was getting repetitive and I just wanted it to be over. I enjoy a little bit of will-they-won't-they, but when it becomes really obvious they will, any more dithering gets boring. While the mystery aspects had a small twist, I had guessed it earlier, leaving the reveal and the consequent angst somewhat lacklustre. 
Overall the writing was engaging and the plot suited the genre well. It was an easy read, not very challenging, but sometimes, that's exactly what you want.